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Zandvoort, 23 years later

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Zandvoort, 23 years later

Almost 23 years ago, an "affair" of immense proportions began.
It was about child pornography, child trafficking and murders of children.
A huge amount of child pornography (including animal porn and snuff films) was found at the home of a pornography dealer named Gerrit Ulrich.
The way they were found and how the public and the state dealt with it would be enough material for many more articles.
To spare us those, we will post a few articles from that time at the end of these.
What was special was that hardly any of those responsible were held accountable for their actions.
They enjoyed protection from "the very top".
Today it is about keeping the memory of this scandal alive.
Several hundred children were traded like cattle.
They were sold, raped, prostituted, used for child porn and snuff films.
Almost none of the perpetrators were convicted for their actions.
Most of the leaders are now dead.
Some murdered, some died in "accidents".
Gerrit Ulrich, Lothar Glandorf, Russel Tricker, Robert Van der Naaten, Norbert de Rijck.

Others are alive but have disappeared.

For example Warwick Spinks, who continues to run the Prague Pinocchio Bar (paedophile meeting place) but has himself gone into hiding.

Spinks is convicted of :
Child abduction
Rape and abuse of children
Child trafficking
He also boasted to Scotland Yard that he was involved in snuff film productions.
He was never convicted of the snuff films.

Others are alive and not in hiding.

The German Peter Goetjes, who today runs a bar called Gin Tonic in Duelmen (Duitsland) as a restaurateur.
Peter Goetjes admitted
To have trafficked children.
To have abused children.
To have supplied children for pornographic productions.
To have been involved in the production of child pornography as a cameraman.
That he supplied children for videos in which the children were killed.

Peter Goetjes was not brought to trial, he was let off.

There were also people involved who were victims and perpetrators at the same time.
For example Robbie van der Plancken.
Robbie slipped into prostitution himself at a young age because of his environment.
He later promoted the prostitution of young, but adult, men.
He also shot the aforementioned Gerrit Ulrich for reasons that are not completely clear.
It is unknown exactly what role he played in Gerrit Ulrich’s child pornography network.
He denies all accusations, but nobody knows how much truth there is in his statements.
He has certainly not abused and abducted children or participated in child pornography (except as a minor victim).
He is not only a victim, but also a perpetrator.
Which acts did he commit and which did he not.
It will never be proven.

As said at the beginning, this article is only to keep the memory alive.
We don’t know who else was involved.
Was it celebrities, politicians and nobles ?
Whatever the truth, it is important to keep the memory alive.
We owe it to the many victims !
It is also a reminder that child trafficking is still flourishing today.
It can only be stopped by pressure from below.
And "from below", that’s us !

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