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The right-wing populist and the child trafficker [OP : Tori].

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Right-wing Buschkowsky and his contact with the child porn mafia

Heinz Buschkowsky likes to present himself as a man of clear words, whether it’s "criticism of Islam" or "clan crime," no iron is too hot for the lively Social Democrat.
But it’s worth taking a closer look at the clean-cut man.
Especially from someone who has been complaining for years about the brutalization of society and blaming "foreigners" or "foreigner crime" for this development, it should be quite clear that people take a very close look at who they have around them in their circle of friends.

Specifically, it is about this case :
Buschkowsky is not only tough as nails when it comes to pushing his law-and-order agenda, no, he also has another side, namely that of the tolerant and cosmopolitan patron.
For example, Buschkowsky has been a friend and supporter of Berlin’s LGBT community for many years ; when it comes to bureaucratic obstacles, discrimination or the opening of new venues, Buschkowsky is always on hand.
This would be very welcome, but the devil is in the details.
With which queers is Buschkowsky so closely connected ?
Purely by chance, a person who has been shunned by the community for years because of his pedophilia and criminal activities.
We are talking about Ludwig Auster-Brenncke.
Ludwig Auster weighed himself in safety, he thought that nobody remembers what was. But ; wrong thought ! We know what you did back then, Ludwig.
Ludwig Auster-Brenncke has been running the Theater im Keller at Weser Strasse 211 since the 1980s, attracting celebrities such as Wolfgang Joop, TV personality Sonja Zietlow and star hairdresser Udo Walz.
But no celebrity is as close to the Theater im Keller (TiK for short) as Heinz Buschkowsky. The reason for this is the close friendship between him and Ludwig Auster, mutual visits, joint Christmas parties have long been normal for the two. Several times Auster also went on vacation with the Buschkowskys, even if they were only short trips, it shows how intimate the relationship between the two is.
The close relationship between the two is rarely made public, but Buschkowsky did not miss the opportunity to give a laudation on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the TiK, in which he emphasized that he had been visiting the TiK for decades.
Now to Auster-Brenncke specifically.
Ludwig Auster has a black past, he has been one of the leaders of the Berlin child porn scene, he has transported children from Berlin to the Netherlands for the purpose of producing child porn and prostitution, as if that wasn’t bad enough, he supplied children to the snuff film producer Warwick Spinks, who himself admitted to having killed children.
The children he supplied were never seen again, they were killed on camera as was a then twelve year old boy named Manuel Schadwald, who we will talk about later.
Ludwig Auster-Brenncke, who is himself a pedophile, moved children from Berlin to the Netherlands for the purpose of producing child porn and prostitution, as if that wasn’t bad enough, he supplied children to snuff film producer Warwick Spinks, who admitted to killing children.
Ludwig Auster-Brenncke is thus responsible for the sexual exploitation of children and even complicit in their murder. Auster’s perfidious scam was that he pretended to be a social worker and offered help to street children, so he took them in, "took care" of them and took them to the Netherlands, ostensibly to take them on a trip, there he sold them to child pimps, child porn and snuff film producers.
He also obtained children from a Berlin child trafficker named Peter Goetjes.
Peter Goetjes himself admits to having brought children from Poland to Germany, once he was caught by the Polish police, but the proceedings were dropped. Peter Goetjes also admits that children he supplied were killed in snuff films. (note : Goetjes recently tried to enter the queer community of NRW, thanks to intervention this could be stopped).
Back to Ludwig Auster. The question is, who says Auster committed these acts ?
For example, investigative journalists Michael Behrendt and Dirk Bansen of the Berliner Morgenpost and Die Zeit call him the mastermind of the Berlin child porn scene. For legal reasons, they put the word "presumably" in front of the word mastermind. Suspected can be translated as, "We know he did it, but don’t want to burn our sources."
But it goes further, British investigative journalist Nick Davies of The Guardian stated that "a Berlin social worker", i.e. Ludwig Auster, lured children, under the pretext of taking a vacation, to Holland and sold them to other child traffickers, as already written.
A Spiegel journalist also confirms the accusation.
But it goes even further, the snuff film producer Warwick Spinks and Peter Goetjes stated to the press and the police, respectively, that they had worked together with Auster, in addition to the statements of another child trafficker named Russel Tricker.
That’s not all. Dutch private investigator Marcel Vervloesem testified to the police : Ludwig Auster is a child trafficker, he has supplied children five times, including to Warwick Spinks.
Ludwig Auster was also massively involved in the Manuel Schadwald complex.
Not only that Auster, according to Goetjes and especially witnesses, frequented the Pinnochio Bar, a known pedophile meeting place, from which Manuel Schadwald was abducted, he is also clearly named by the press as one of the kidnappers, also other sources assume that he was at least involved in the kidnapping.
But it goes even further.
Although Auster was clearly incriminated, and indeed was under investigation for human trafficking (he had previously come to the attention of the Berlin police for "other" offenses), there was a remarkable breakdown in the manhunt for him. The Berlin police deliberately delayed the investigation, so it took weeks until Ludwig Auster’s address was "determined" !
For the police, "investigation" of a person’s address means booting up the police computer, entering the person’s name and pressing Enter.
To do this, the Berlin police need several weeks, time enough for Auster to make evidence and witnesses disappear.
Clearly stated :
Three world-famous journalists of the German and international leading media incriminate Ludwig Auster.
Three child traffickers incriminate Ludwig Auster.
A private investigator incriminates Auster by making a police statement.
Add to that the obvious protection from above when it came to the human trafficking investigations against him.
Moreover, he never took action against people who testified this about him (whether to the police or in private).

In plain language, Heinz Buschkowsky is the friend of a criminal pedophile.
In conclusion ;
Buschkowsky, show us who you associate with and we will tell you who you are.
Private address : Berlin, Friedelstrasse 55/corner of Weserstrasse
Phone number : +49 30 623 14 52
Email :

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